Mendocino County HHS
2021 Northern Chapter Treasurer

Billy works for the County of Mendocino of Health and Human Services.  Billy has been a Fraud Investigator for the past 8 1/2 years.  Prior to that Billy was a Deputy for Mendocino County.  

In his free time, Billy loves to hunt, fish and coach football and baseball.  He was born and raised in the real Northern California.  

Billy has been a member of CCUG for the past 5 years.  Two years ago Billy served as the Treasurer for the Northern Chapter of CCUG.  In 2019 he was elected to serve as the Northern Chapter Secretary, and for 2020 Billy was elected to serve as the Northern Chapter Treasurer.  Billy was also elected to serve as the 2021 Northern Chapter Treasurer. Billy looks forward to helping and assisting everyone.  Billy was

Contact Billy at (707) 354-4142 or e-mail him at