Los Angeles Police Department
2024 Southern Chapter Secretary

Sarita began working in law enforcement in 2004 as a Detention Officer for the Los Angeles Police Department’s Valley Jail Division. She transferred to the LAPD Records and Identification Division in 2020 as a Senior Administrative. Shortly after transferring, she promoted to Principal Clerk Police I and is the AM watch supervisor of the Vehicle Warrant Section. Sarita holds a POST certification as a ABLE instructor for her department.

In her off time Sarita loves camping with her family, avidly seeking a variety of campsites each year. Camping is a passion for her (and her family) and an activity that they use to unite from 20 to 200 family members.

Sarita attended her first CCUG Seminar in 2023 and was excited by how committed CCUG is to helping law enforcement agencies improve. She was impressed with the training and networking opportunities and found it useful in her ongoing endeavor to learn everything she can to better her own team. Sarita was open about her interest in becoming more involved in CCUG, and when a vacancy was created on the Southern Chapter CCUG board she was asked to accept the appointment as their Secretary, which she happily accepted.

Contact Sarita at (213) 486-1103 or e-mail her at sarita.aguillard@ccug.org